Does Solar and Lunar Eclipse Affect Human Beings Future Astrologically?

July 22, 2009 8:09am CST
Every time there is an eclipse, lunar or solar, apart from the scientific community, another group that gets interested are astrologers. They base their predictions on eclipse.While some are predicted to benefit from the planetary alignment, others are predicted to have adverse affect on their future. Scientifically,eclipse is believed to cause changes to atmosphere apart from causing low and high tides in the sea.People suffering from mental illness have shown an increase in symptoms during eclipse.Does eclipse cause impact on an individual's future as predicted by astrologers?
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• India
22 Jul 09
well its a thing if you have belief on.according to hindu mythology and older astrological manuscripts,thiese eclipses does have profound effect on our future.its different for people with different star signs.let me also tell you that people from the aries,cancer,leo ,scorpio,libra and aquarious are going to have adverese effect on their near future.while gemini,saggitarious,pisces have mixed resukts and taurus ,virgo,caprocorn have good results.have a good day