Drinking before the age of 18...

@tomjoad (551)
July 22, 2009 10:42am CST
i come from a place where laws aren't well implemented. although there are written laws but people are so used to just ignoring them. a good example would be a red light. in my place, there have been so many accidents because a lot of drivers do not stop on red lights. drinking and driving is pretty common too. it's so common that even the police themselves do it. it is really frustrating that those who should have been role models and implement the law are the first ones who violate. drinking is so common here. are laws say that kids below 18 are not allowed to buy or drink alcohol. however, just all the other laws that we have, everyone just ignores them. many of our youth, sometimes those that haven't even reached puberty are already drinking. even when they go to a store they are not asked how old they are. they can just buy alcohol anytime they want, regardless of their age. so i'd like to know if that is the same in your country. at what age did you start drinking? are you not allowed to buy alcohol if you are below 18 in your place? should these children be condemned or punished because they already drink at an early age? or should our society be blamed for tolerating this kinds of acts?
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