What Can Help From Electro-Magnetic Radiation?

United States
July 22, 2009 12:22pm CST
Here is the problem that someone I know has, he works in cablevision, checking every bow to make sure they are all functional. Cable boxes emit electro-magnetic radiation. Wouldn't be so bad, if there wouldn't be so many boxes all around, it adds up and really effects his health. I mean honestly, there are cable boxes everywhere... hundreds of them, all emiting radiation. He comes home after an 8 hour shift and he has next to no energy left. The job itself isn't hard, but the environment is terrible. Basically everyone who works there ends up getting very sick. They also don't have a good ventilation system, so all the dust is cloging the air ways... He tried some things, found a lot to help breathing and energy, but he is effected by these boxes anyway. He even got an orgonite 15 hz generator, which was helping for some time, but now he is getting skin reaction in places where silver from the generator is touching his skin. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? I'm starting to get hopeless...
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@busky5 (3166)
• Thailand
23 Jul 09
I think if it was dangerous.Why the company don't help to protect the employees.You can call to your government to solve this problem or not?
• United States
23 Jul 09
I don't think anyone will do anything about it, they even have a doctor on staff, but he is just one of those people he sits in the office and doesn't do anything... plus it would have to be a long term process, with a lot of employees complaining, but for some reason then think that they get headaches for no good reason :( the problem is that my boyfriend was always a very healthy guy, he never did anything to harm his health, so as soon as there is any changes to his normal body function he feels it very strongly, while most people at his work never were that healthy, so they think it's all just a normal state :( the only thing the company really does is provide masks, but they don't let breeze, so people get lightheaded from lack of oxygen... i'm going to pick up surgical masks, they don't block oxygen as much, so hopefully it will help at least a little bit, at least from all the dust. honestly, all they would have to do it open doors so air could circulate but it's "security hazard"
@sucahyo (103)
• Indonesia
7 Feb 11
If you still have that kind of problem now. I suggest to learn about orgone energy. I highly believe orgone energy play very great role on electronics influence to human. Because of scientist ignorance, they end up designing electronics that cause sickness to human. The solution is to made something to neutralize it. For cheap solution try cemenite. For exotic solution try radionics, orgonite, negative ion generator, etc. However, be very carefull with crystal based solution. It can produce sever side effect if you are not compatible.