Emule vs. Torrent:: what do you prefer?

July 22, 2009 12:48pm CST
I used to prefer Emule but since I changed my PC for a portable, I found Torrent faster and easyer to use :) What about you? Emule team or Torrent Team?
3 responses
@VisuUnome (208)
• India
22 Jul 09
yes i prefer torrent which is faster one and its found to be a faster because of its peer to peer nature,i really say thanks to the torrentz team who made the downloads free and fast
@iamn00b (26)
• Canada
22 Jul 09
Torrent over eMule. eMule is too hard to go through, and people have to upload to there. Torrents are cooler/better, because there are SO many sites that provide them, and plus, Private Trackers are da coolest thing eva.
• Italy
23 Jul 09
True :) at first time i couldn't use it :D but i'm not that good in p2p/download software... but when I understood it I can't stop looking for everything (and finding it :D)
@akuler (3537)
• Malaysia
22 Jul 09
Hi zizzazzula, I used only torrent now. I love it because I think it is very fast and have a lot of choices can we make. I had used ares before but its not very convenience. I never used Emule before. Happy mylotting and have a nice day.
• Italy
22 Jul 09
Yes, is really fast and I can find things I would never find on Emule :) and it looks like there are less corrupted file than emule :)