Which is better Adsense or Adbrite?

July 22, 2009 1:41pm CST
It has been really puzzling which or the two is better when wanting to make an extra buck from your blog, many have said that google adsense is great because it has been around for so long but what about adbrite? i get load of traffic to my blog and when i used adsense I didn't get paid much, but once i switch to adbrite my income get into over load lol, I was a bit surprised, because adsense is well known but its mostly based on clicking which most people are getting smarter and are more reluctant *sigh lol* but once you get people to go to your site abrite pays more by far in my opinion. I think because people are to google so much as a search engine and it well known they are afraid of change and they are so strict, know so many persons who have been banned lol thats its not even funny. A big upside is that google has better ways of payment compared to adbrite's check but other than that I like adbrite and if you et load of traffic each day this is the publishing market for you. Andre Clarke Happy Mylotting
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