Colour of dream

July 23, 2009 12:29am CST
Sometimes we have a dream in our deep sleep. I remember one night I got a dream which all of them was green. But, what I dreamed I forgot what is it. I'm only remember that I met a man but didn't remember what is likes his face. What about you, when you are got a dream will you still remember your dream?
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@anangf (1148)
• Indonesia
23 Jul 09
Hi retha happy myLot.. Nop, i have my dream left trough when i'm wake up. Even i did not remember if i was dreamed or not.... People get dream because their imagination of something when they stand still, so when they sleep its can bring to their unconscious sleep activity. Well,..I think the expert would said so. welcome to myLot, the best site in recent.
• Indonesia
26 Jul 09
Thank you Mas Anang. What do you mean that we dreaming when we have an imagination only. Do you believe if people get a dream such receiving a clue in their life? They are knowing what should do in their and what shouldn't to do by dreaming.
@med889 (5958)
23 Jul 09
I rarely remember my dreams and if ever the dream ends when I was about to wake up then I can still remember the dreams and I can relate it to others too, I did it several times and I heard that if you had a nightmare then it is better to tell someone before noon but I think one should be able to remember the dream first.