Why God is father and not mother?

July 23, 2009 1:30am CST
"The Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man" is how the 19th century liberal Protestant theologian Adolph Harnack once summarized the Christian faith. Nowadays Harnack would find his brand of reductionist religion dismissed as hopelessly sexist and exclusive by many feminist theologians. The brotherhood of man might be revoked into the family of humanity or its equivalent. But what would they do about the Fatherhood of God? Can we replace the allegedly sexist language of Divine Fatherhood with so-called-gender-inclusive or gender-neutral terms such as father or mother or Heavenly Parent without further ado?Many people including some Catholics say yes. We only only can, they contend, we must. God is, after all, beyond gender. Calling God Father, without adding that God is also Mother, unfairly exalts one image of God above all others and ignores the culturally conditioned nature of all our images of God, they argue. Keep posting. happy Mylotting. Have a nice day. Jeff
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• Philippines
31 Jul 09
i guess the reason why we called god as father bcoz his the highest... same in our family the highest rank in our family is the father... and his male.. in any cases like for example a mother without a husband who raised her kids alone... she will tell anyone that shes been a father and a mother to her kids due to the absence of her husband... same as the husband without his wife and raised his kids alone.. he will also tell that his been a father and a mother to his kids... so portaying urself being a mother and a father doesnt mean that u have 2 gender.. u only use the other in the absence of the other one since we called them parents and parents is combined only 1... so better think that god raised us, all people as his kids.. and that he portray himself as the father and mother to us...
• Switzerland
31 Jul 09
That is possible. Any reason we have is actually accepted. We have our own interpretation of the image of God. As long as we still respect him as our Savior and our dear Lord. I just know that whatever image God portrays, He is indeed the highest who always there for us when we need him and in times of trouble. Jesus loves us. Keep posting. Happy mylotting. have a nice day. Jeff
• China
9 Sep 09
Hi, yuansplace, your topic is quite interesting and unique! Actually I never thought about it before reading this post. But last Sunday, our pastor shared us the information from Mark 9: 14-29, then her first point is "Father's love". Your topic makes me remember this. We used to praise "Mother's love", and we even call our nation as Mother. But why don't we refer to "Father's love"? Is fater's love less than mother's? I don't think so. I think every father loves his children deeply, and that love is not less than mother's. The difference is father don't always say the words "love". And the method of father's love is not so obvious like mother's. Mother always embrace her children, kiss them, and tell them "I love you". And mother's love always means gentle, kind, soft, comfortable. But how about father's love? Serious, hard. when we do something wrong, father always play the bad role, and mother always protect us from father's blame. But if we never have father's love in our life, especially the years when we are growing up, what will happened? Haha. Thanks again, yuansplace, you give me a chance to think about this good question!