What habits you can't solve in you????

@busky5 (3166)
July 23, 2009 4:34am CST
I believe everybody whom has good and bad habits.May be i think wrong, for me i have a lot of good habits but only a few bad habits such as I latey wake up, lazy, and sticky that i can't solve in me.Then you think What bad habits which can't solve in you????
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@peace001 (727)
• China
23 Jul 09
yes,some bad habits stick to me.I can not pesist in something and am slovenly.my room mess because I like to put my book all over the place.horrible,isn't it?
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@busky5 (3166)
• Thailand
23 Jul 09
You may be busy until not time to tidy your room.Thank you to join.HAVE A NICE DAY.
@divkris (1163)
• India
23 Jul 09
i am a short tempered person and would seriously like to know why am i like this and also like to curb this habit of mine. And i do have another habit that i would liek to change is nail biting.