what is the correct AGE OF MARRIAGE for BOY &GIRL?

July 23, 2009 7:06am CST
in some of the underdeveloped and developing countries, the age of marriage is very less. it may be hardly 14 for a girl and 16 for a boy. even at a age of 16 the girl cannot maintain a pregnancy but still these marriages are going on. this will cause high mortaliy rate and death of the mothers occurs. now may of the countries are restricting the age of marriage to be 18 for a girl. what do you think friends?.......
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• Philippines
23 Jul 09
I think that if you feel you are ready for marriage and can deal with everything that comes with being married than there shouldn't be a problem. should be no specific age when a person should get married, it all depends on the individual and if they can deal with what comes with it. Marriage is a blessing and i don't think people should wait too long.
@divkris (1163)
• India
23 Jul 09
i personally think that we should not determine the age to get married because it should be done at a personal preference. Because many people force their son/daughter to get married as soon as they reach a particualr age and are not concerned wha the boy/girl feels about marriage himself/herself. OK so i feel the right age for a girl is 23 and a boy is 26 een to think about marriage.