Happy birthday to me

@faisai (1140)
Hong Kong
July 23, 2009 10:57am CST
I am going to have my birthday very soon which will mean my 20's are gone. The funny thing is not many friends of mine do know that I am having a birthday these few days and therefore it is kind of "normal" that my birthday is not celebrated. Sometimes, I feel bad about it when it seems that celebrating the birthday seems to be much fun for others but not for me. So, happy birthday to me.
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@mel13088 (265)
• United States
23 Jul 09
First, happy birthday! Second, I usually try to wish my friends happy birthday when it is their birthday. Facebook makes it much easier to keep up with and I tend to do it on that because my friends from home are no longer around. I still do things with my family for my birthday and their birthdays. My grandma or mom usually makes a cake. My boyfriend's family has never really celebrated birthdays so it is normal to them to not celebrate. I've always felt like a birthday is a special day and if it is not celebrated that it should at least be acknowledged by someone who loves you and that cake should be involved. :-)
@faisai (1140)
• Hong Kong
24 Jul 09
I also wish my friends happy birthday when it is their day as I also think that it is such a happy moment to receive those words when they are from the heart. But I really hope that those words are from the heart rather than from a notification raised by whatever application it is.
@busky5 (3166)
• Thailand
29 Jul 09
Happy birthday to you.I wish you are lucky and richy.I am sorry to wish lately.
@seymiss (627)
24 Jul 09
Hi faisai All i can say is Happy birthday to ya,Happy bithday to u,happy birthday to ya, HAPPY BITHDAY TO YOUUUUUUU. Iam not that good at singing but i did try my best on this one.Wish you many happy returns. cheers.
@scheng1 (24755)
• Singapore
24 Jul 09
haha, happy birthday, happy birthday! I think it's good that your friends are not aware of your birthday, so that they will think you are still in your 20s, instead of a decade older. Anyway, 30 years of food and many bowls of rice to reach this stage! Happy birthday, and welcome to the fourth decade of your life.
@kmaram (2535)
• Philippines
23 Jul 09
Hi there, happy birthday to you hope you will have a good day on your birthday. Smile always and wishing you all the best, keep on mylotting.