tuberculosis any insight?

@treychi (122)
July 23, 2009 7:33pm CST
I just want to ask people who had TB and got the medication. I was supposed to work for a company and of course they need to have a pre-employment medical examination. After days, they told that I need to get apicolordotic xray. I was dead scared. I thought I never smoke nor did try. So I did take the other xray and the result said that they considered it Koch's infection or TB. I was shocked. Totally devastated. I never thought of having this disease. We go to a pulmonologist to check my xray and to see how to cure it. The doctor said it is very minimal. So little that she was wondering how did they see it coz it is so small. But she said even though It was small I was infected, and it is a blessing that we already saw it so we can cure it as early as possible. I am already taking medications for a week now, and the doctor said that I'll mostly not infectious after 2 weeks, so next week I am not contagious anymore. And I am praying to God that I will recover fast coz I want to go to work. I am still wondering how long for the tb to be treated? any insight? experience? Reply is love~
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