Do you love God?

July 23, 2009 9:59pm CST
I was in the church when someone asked me about that question.Of course I answer him a big yes.Then after that he ask me again do love yourself?I wasn't answer him directly but in my mind for me that question is very hard to answer.Then I realize that maybe the reason why he ask me that question is to inform that loving oneself is a one way of showing God's love
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@yanka45 (16)
• United States
24 Jul 09
YES, I love god too and he is so nice, he will forgive you for your sins , no matter what you did,even if you murdered a lot of people, once you turn yourself in to god,and give him thanks for being such an awesome god,and repent, and truly ask for forgiveness he will forgive you. and i go to church whenever i can, and i like going to church because whenever i go i always, have a story to bring home, and my pastor is funny so he got good stories. also when i was younger i was very active in my church I used to sing solos and had lead parts in the Christmas pageants.( I STILL, sing in the offer, but not as much because I'm busy) True story, one day when i was younger like 9 or 12 years old, i had a canker soar, ( u know that small little bump that you get once in a blue moon, that bothers you inside your lower mouth/lip) and really wanted it to go away and so i went to the mirror in the hallway of my house and i said god please can you make my canker sore go away its really bothering me and a split second later, not even a sec,(quicker than that ) even before i got to finish saying the word away, it was like go awa-- and ZAP, it was gone!! it just POPPED back in , and disappeared!! and i was so shocked because i felt it go away , AND I PRAYED for it to go away in the mirror and it really did! and then i said thank you god!