are you happy with your earning of this month from all the sources ???

July 23, 2009 11:09pm CST
friends today i am very upset when i saw my account i only earn half of the money ihave earned in last month. are you happy with your earnings ?? and tell me how to make more money?/ thanks
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@chookie1971 (2276)
• Australia
24 Jul 09
I am always happy with my earnings. Even if I earn just 1 cent. It means that I have 1 cent extra in my account. I am 1 cent closer to payout. I keep going because I know a site does pay me. To help here, make your discussions and responses good quality. Try to avoid the short responses. When you make responses and discussions, try to always include your experiences and opinions. With opinions, always respect that there will be other people with different opinions. You will find that there are so many people here that are willing to help you with their opinions. When I have had problems, I have come here for different views on my problems. This way I have been able to look at my problem in a bigger picture. The best thing about this site, I have so much fun while earning that extra cent or 2.
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• India
24 Jul 09
friend now i am in good mood . but i cannot get a good site which pay me a lot. can you suggest . i have since last week
@rosekiss (30268)
• Eugene, Oregon
26 Jul 09
I would say I wish I had more, but over all, yes I am, as it is more than I started with that month. Every site I do, that pays, give me that much more than what I had before. I did get my payout here for last month, and I am working on getting it for this month as well. I kow I can do it every month, as long as I put effort into it. Nothing is easy in life as we all have to work for anything that we want. I am looking for more sites to do to make even more money. I know I will, as I will just keep looking. I am happy though, that I did find site that pay me, as I wasn't sre when I first signed up with them. I have a accomplished what I wanted to, but doin all the sites that I can do to make more money. Just hang in there, be more acitve, and ou will see our earnings increase. Good luck to you and happy mylotting.