Emma Watson Beauty

July 23, 2009 11:24pm CST
I have recently watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood prince and Emma (Hermione) catches my attention. This little girl from the earlier movie is now a gorgeous looking lad which indeed is pretty enough to be a goddess. She is cute and sexy.
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@Miloque (130)
• Philippines
24 Jul 09
Aand... you guys thought about that just now? Even in the first movie, she already is.... but she's way too young to show it, of course. Now that she's grown, she's becoming one of the hottest young stars ever to be produced. The girl who played ginny, didn't seem too attractive at first, but now she's also grown up, she is kind of cute, too. Which reminds me... Is the "Harry Potter" movie saga now in the guiness record for having the most stars in their longest roles for the longest movie series ever made? Well, the Jim Dale readings are (for the most voices made by a single human).
@his0yir (258)
24 Jul 09
Those girls seemed to have nothing special when they were young. But they are really good-looking on big screen now. It is said that staff in the movie had to choose some very ordinary clothes for Watson otherwise she would look too shining for her character. Not long ago she played in a drama called 'Ballet shoes'. Her acting is not too bad and I found difficult to move my eyes away from her.
@Lockjaw (73)
• New Zealand
28 Jul 09
Yeah, I agree. She becoming a very attractive girl. When she was in the first movie you couldn't really tell, but by now anyone could tell. Even the actor of Ginny has become a lot cute looking too.
• India
25 Jul 09
ya she has got tremendous confidence in front of d screen at such a small age....n shez cute n sexy as well... let him grow uip a little more n she ll b no less than d most famous actresses ever..
• China
24 Jul 09
lol~I didn't watch this movie,because many people who have watched told me, this movie is boring and has not high light~~I don't know but I will try it some time later.