Man, some people on the internet can be really crazy

United States
July 24, 2009 2:52am CST
This person im'd me who was not on my list, so I said hi, walked away and came back to a bunch of messages repeatedly asking where I am... then here is how the conversation ended. I am not the type to post instant messaging on public forums, but my gosh, people are so frustrating, ever dealt with someone like this??? [03:25] him: Do you have a pic? [03:27] me: yeah [03:27] him: Email it? [03:27] me: well I am not sure who you are really [03:27] him: Might shed some light on this mystery. [03:27] me: I feel uncomfortable sending them because I know there was this one guy that was a big creep on here [03:28] me: and he would make dif screen names to talk to me [03:28] him: That's um... Dumb. [03:28] me: hah [03:28] him: What were his names? [03:29] me: can't quite remember haha [03:29] me: that's why I am like, hmmm [03:29] him: Well it mightve been me for all I know. [03:29] him: What made this guy so creepy? [03:29] him: Other than wanting to talk to you. [03:30] hm: Which seems a pretty low bar for creepiness. [03:30] me: well he would talk about his interest in being sodomized by women without any warning, while I did not want to talk about those personal things [03:31] me: and he knew my name, I never told it to him [03:31] him: I see. So you didn't like him because he was different? [03:31] me: no lol [03:31] him: Sounds that way. [03:31] me: I just don't strike up conversations like that lol [03:32] him: And I don't really dig intolerant people. [03:32] him: Enjoy your evening. [03:32] me: you are him? [03:32] him: No. [03:32] him: I just have no desire to befriend such a hateful and judgemental person. [03:33] him: Please go away. [03:33] him: Thank you. [03:34] me: hmm well I believe you are being more judgmental, I just have a comfort zone, I don't start a conversation about that stuff to anyone I can find online [03:34] him: Yeah. I bet you hate gay men too. [03:34] him: Look ---- off already. [03:34] me: no, I have a lot of gay friends [03:34] him: Take a hint. [03:34] him: ---- off. [03:35] him: Stalker. [03:35] him: Stop msging me. I blocked him, I think he is more creepy than the other guy! This guy is a real spaz about things. Did I do anything out of hand? I thought he was joking at first, but I guess not!
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