ONline money what is the catch?

July 24, 2009 5:24am CST
been using internet from the last 10 to 12 years and i only have been pain by around 20$ i have tried alot of sites and have done what ever i can but i never had much success as some offers are not valid for my country and which are they dont have much for me so guys who hae earn how much till now as i have told you that i have only been paid 20$ from online money earning schemes so comeone guyz and gulz tell me i wont take ur money :)))
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• United States
7 Aug 09 pays
@julbau18 (273)
• Philippines
24 Jul 09
It is hard to make money online if we don't know how to do it. I am also like you, and honestly speaking I never earned from any program here in the internet. On my previous years of searching opportunities online, my country also not valid and not available to participate for the program. But I never quit searching. Until now I am still here even if I didn't earn money. As of last year my country is available now for most of the programs so I am happy for that. The problem is for all the good programs that I searched what will I choose now and which of them is legitimate. I end up signing up here in mylot. Because I know and I believe thi is legitimate and they are legal and really pays their members ever since they started. So now I focus here and make some targeted earnings to achieve. Happy mylotting. Goodluck.