How did he say "I love you" for the first time?

@reco13 (605)
July 24, 2009 8:16am CST
Well, this question really is of interest to me. I want to hear your stories how your guy said "I LOVE YOU" for the first time. You might as well want to share how you reacted. lol As for me, it happened 7 years ago after we attended a school program. He brought me home, and before he left, he held my hand and told me that he loves me so much that he can't live a day without me. Whoah! That's so sweet! It amazes me that he was brave enough to tell it to me personally. Until now, we are together and I really smile when I remember that day... I fall in love with him over and over again!
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@ds6413 (2073)
• United States
24 Jul 09
Hello, well the only guy who surprised me when he told me he loved me is a long time friend I met in jr high school.He told me just this year.He told me he felt that way for many years but never told me until this year.Talk about surprised, I wasn't quite sure what to say.He said he wasn't sure if he should have said anything but I said/asked would he feel any bettrer if he had not said anything at all!He told me he probably wouldnt have felt better keeping it to himself.Truthfully I am not sure if I actually believe him because I had a huge crush on him since we met only he didn't seem to have the same feelings for me.I always felt he was selfish growing up. When he told me about his fiancee and now ex-wife he kept calling me by her name. My own fiance was there when we met up and he noticed my friend was calling me by the wrong name pretty much every time he spoke to me.My ex-husband said he thought my friend had a secret crush on me and probably always did.But I don't know.Now on the first guy I fell in love with, He told me when He came up to visit during spring break.The bad thing was I was already in another relationship with my now ex-husband.I wished he would have told me before I started dating my then b/f who became my ex-husband.It's confusing I know. My current b/f told me maybe 6 months into our relationship. He knows I don't want to be engaged because of past relationships. If we get married it will be because I will be ready. I don't want a long engagement or short engagement.
@reco13 (605)
• Philippines
26 Jul 09
I was quite confused with your story. lol. anyways, the way I understand it, your friend also feels something for you from the start. I'm happy for that. It's just that he kept all his feelings for you to himself. And now, it's too late in telling you he loves you 'cause you currently are in a new relationship now, am I right? Well, I wish you both happiness. If you really are meant for each other, then I may say that you'll cross paths again and be together as couples. Thanks for sharing. :)