What are your views about Vedic Mathematics

July 24, 2009 8:35am CST
Post your views and comments about the famed and unconventional style of calculation using vedic mathematics. i have learned a few sutras (or the rules) to do some basic problems. I found it extremely interesting and kinda easy to do the calculation. The number of steps can be reduced if we use vedic mathematics. Once we get into that, there is no look back. I found it extremeply volatile. We have to have constant practise or esle we will forget the sutras. All complex problems can be solved using vedic mathematics, whether it be integration or vector calculus or difrential calculus. Once of the important features of vedic mathematics is the methodology of solving. we do not need a paper or a pen to do most calculations. complex calculations can ne solved with simple calculations that can be done in the mind and for every complex questions there is one sentense answer without steps.
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• India
24 Jul 09
Well from the constrains of my knowledge.. Vedic mathematics is much better than conventional maths if LEARNED PROPERLY... Though its a bit tuf get going with the system, once you are pretty comfortable, it can make a big difference
• India
25 Jul 09
The formulas ie the sutras are pretty easy to learn and it is not at al tough. what is keeping us back is the laziness to shift from one ( western style ) to the unconventional style of vedic mathematics.with just 2 to 3 hourds daily vedic mathematics can be mastered in an year oreven in 8 months. we spend years to learn the westren style.