What breed?

@anna728 (1499)
United States
July 24, 2009 12:53pm CST
There are tons of different dog breeds. What kinds do you want, or do you have as a pet?
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• Canada
25 Jul 09
I have a black Labrador and he's 8 years old now. He's very friendly and kind but sometime he is a bit stupid though, but that's alright lol. I still love him anyway. Usually all he does all day is sleep but every now and then he gets very excited and acts like a puppy.
@mari61960 (4895)
• United States
24 Jul 09
The best dog I ever owned was an English Springer Spaniel. I loved him dearly, he was very intelligent and loving. I now own 2 Chihuahuas that I love. I want to breed Chihuahuas but don't because I know there are already so many dogs needing homes everywhere. I want but probably won't ever have, another Great Dane. I like mostly tiny dogs or really big dogs. Funny thing is I was always afraid of dogs when I was a child. Not my own but dogs I didn't know. I think this must come from a past life or something because I was never bit or attacked in any way by a dog in my life. I can remember standing on top of a snow bank when I was 6 because there was a collie walking toward me..I was scared poop-less and stayed on the top of the snow bank for a long time while the dog just sat there. I know he was sitting there wondering what I was doing, but in my mind he was just waiting for me to come down so he could bite me...lol Silly kid I was. You can see my Chi's and Springer (Winston) in my profile. Brightest Blessings, Mari
@psphacker (1055)
• United States
24 Jul 09
I do not want any more dog breeds and right now what I have is a female french poodle and before this one I had a female chihuahua but it got killed by a car.