iPhone 3GS battery drain

July 24, 2009 6:06pm CST
Ok. I'm not quite sure how many of you have an iPhone and how many of you have battery drain issues but here are ways to fix it. 1. reset your settings, restore firmware, and click set as new phone. if that doesn't work, 2. leave the phone on until the battery dies and then charge it until 100% (this one actually worked for me - on the apple website, it says to do this once a month to make sure your phone battery stays healthy) if not 3. turn off wifi, dim the screen, turn off push (set it to fetch manually or hourly), turn off ssh, and turn off 3G. if none of these work, you should go see apple to see what is wrong with your phone. Also if you set your phone to airplane mode for ex. at night, the battery will last a long time so you can use the alarm to wake yourself up in the morning or something. i hope this helped for those who were having problems with an iphone 3GS battery drain like i was. :)
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