Haunted Dolls

United States
July 24, 2009 9:18pm CST
Some people belive in the paranormal and that ghosts and spirits can possess objects an sometimes even dolls. This is a scary thought to think a doll that you could possibly own could be haunted by a spirit or Demond. I would not want to own one it is real creepy. I have seen online where antique dolls that are suppose to be haunted are being sold. I have seen testimonies written on the web sites. Wheather or not it is real know one knows. This is a mystery that one that buys a doll has to find out for themselves. The stories on the website scared me alittle and I definetly don't think I will be buying a haunted doll. Granted I would like to buy just to see but I would rather not take the risk. I myself do belive in ghosts. A haunted doll is something I don't want to see come to life.
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