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July 24, 2009 9:27pm CST
Much has been made of Napoleon's life as one on History's most brilliant military strategists who shaped European politics in the early 1800's with his successful military campaigns but yet suffered defeat in the invasion of Russia in 1812, which began his downfall. In your opinion, was he as great as some claim or was he totally overrated. State your opinion and explain your reasons why.
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@jlamela (4909)
• Philippines
6 Aug 09
Actually from what I had read Napoleon Bonaparte was a good political strategist, in fact he was the instrument of the downfall of Holy Roman Empire which effectively disbanded in 1806. But Napoleon Bonaparte's approached to conflicts and reforms were too harsh and not intelligent enough, his harsh moves brought political tension to all Europe that the Great powers (England, Italy, Germany and Austria) planned to crash him. Germany was more open with its hatred with Bonaparte because of the Germany's province Alsace-Lorraine which captured by French during Napoleonic Wars. I think on some matters, Bonaparte was a great military leader, but then, he lacked skills and diplomatic ability to that of Bismarck, father of Germany's unification. Bismark was more skillful, equipped with an ability for diplomacy. Great powers animosity toward Bonaparte brought a final drama on the Battle of Waterloo when Napoleon was defeated and retreated to the Italian island of Elba.
@Bradpete (822)
• Philippines
25 Jul 09
Yes he is so famous and powerful in his time. Smart man like Hitler.