A device on your car to calculate your insurance rate

United States
July 24, 2009 10:33pm CST
Have you ever heard that progressive has this innovative device installed in your car to calculate the rate of your insurance premium for 6 months worth. It was widely used in European countries started in a couple of years ago. Now, the U.S. just follow suit. This so - called device will base on your driving speed; fuel usage; and the average mileage you drive per day to come up with the resulted rate on your insurance on 6 months period. Would that be interesting?
2 responses
@killersss (639)
• India
20 Sep 09
no i haven't heard anything about this. it is interesting as you are specifying it. but i live in india and i don't know when, this type of technology will hit the indian markets, i am really looking forward to it.
@mac1946 (1602)
• Calgary, Alberta
25 Jul 09
I think it may be worth it,but only so long as the insurance companies do not drive the cost so hi that regardless of the outcome of the test,they were still able to steal to much extra from anyone.Don't forget,this will be just another way to make everyone drive small cars,don't go very far,which will force gas prices higher as well. Unfortunatly,the insurance industry are given a blank check by the governments to steal money,and they are great at it,If they are going to be given the backing of the laws,they should be forced to keep the cost low,so that everyone could at least afford to have it. Lets be truthfull,neither the United States not Canada are anywhere near free counties any longer,we may not actually have a dictatorship yet,but they are sure trying.