Random Acts

July 24, 2009 10:41pm CST
Random acts of kindness.We have all been the reciepents of a random act of kindness-myself included when not too long ago one of my Mylot friends checked in on me after I had stopped visiting the site abruptly. Her kind gesture and sincere concern for myself and my family in what was our hour of despair after my husbands sudden passing was a hand that reached down and gave me the strenght to get back up onto my feet and Bobbi I truly can not say thank you enough for that. Her gesture sent waves of life back into me- it woke me up off of being on a type of auto pilot that I had been on for the last two months and in my friends generous spirit I "passed it forward". The other day when I had stopped for fuel, a young woman in line in front of me at the cashier discovered her bank card missing from her wallet. The cashier was so abrupt and abusive to this young girl I honestly could not stand it. I paid for her purchase with mine and left the store. The young woman was so stunned she actually ran after me trying to tell me she could get me the money back if I gave her an hour.I could feel my husband smile down on me when I told her that next time she was in the position to help someone,that if she helped them out then the debit was paid in full. I felt warm and safe for a few minutes like my love was still here with me and it was then I found myself wondering about random acts of kindness.... Has someone given you a random act of kindness? Have you delivered a random act of kindness? Please share.
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25 Jul 09
To be honest I wasn't having the best day either when I sent you that message that day. I was going through my emails and was wondering how you were doing. If you were ok since you were gone for so long. I just wanted to make contact with a friend because I was going through my problems and pain. So I reached out to try and contact a friend to see how they were doing. That is how I came to message you that day. Charlene, When we do those random acts of kindness people just don't understand how another human being would just reach out to help them. That act of kindness you did for that person was just awesome, as well as the feeling it gave you within you, to just be able to be there for them. I hope your doing better now, I know it isn't easy, still the sun comes up to start a new fresh day for us to travel through the day with faith and hope that we can get through the day with a Smile that we can pass to another, You never know when someone just may need one.