" Soo what else do you wanna know about......MEEEEEEEE" ME ME ME! GIMME A BREAK!

United States
July 24, 2009 10:59pm CST
UGHHHH!! Ok so tonight lets vent a minute lol..Soo i love meeting new people..and lately I have been looking to find a maybe someoen more that could be more of a friend..yess im looking to see if theres love online lol..So i have been talking to lottts of guys and this is how the convo goes..."hi a/s/l?" to me..i tell then i ask same..an dthen i ask so what do u do for fun? and they tell me..and next thing i know..they tell me there life story including all there exes and what went wrong..NOWWWW..normally this is a thing we talk about or should after we know each other a bit..but noooo..lol now this next thing kills me.i get asked this alot during the first talk.."SO WHAT ELSE YOU WANNA KNOW ABOUT ME?" hellloooo!! get ur head out of ur A$$! AND GET OVER YOURSELF!! if u are lookin for someone..u ask abotu the other person ...and try to seem interested..if ur not move on..its not goin well..this just gets under my skin!! lol! Soo what about u? do you run into this alot? or are you one of these people?? dont worry i wotn jump u if u are lol lol.
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