The Beach --- starred by Leonardo Dicaprio

@aprces (1082)
July 25, 2009 5:16am CST
I just watched "the beach" last night.To tell the truth,I can't fathom this film in some respects,but I can get the general drift of story.I think this film is a bit surrealistic and joking.For example,when Richard was punished to stay at jungle alone,it appears a 3D video game scene on the screen.This made me a bit bomblike After watching this movie,it seem that I get the impulse to find a same neverland.Although this film have some unfavorable scenes,but the ending is taken just as nothing to happen by design Finally,there will be a lot of unknown dangers around us when we are ready to make a expedition or take a risk in finding our yearning destination,yes,maybe,no,that muse be full of various dangers.But this film is still encourage you to do what you want to do.Just Richard said in movie You are dicey because you never try to do something
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