Where do you get the idea for breakfast, lunch or dinner?

July 25, 2009 7:45am CST
When it's breakfast time I get the idea from nowhere actually, I just pick whatever food in the kitchen. for lunch, I follow my friends or a poster of food can make me really want to eat that food so I buy it. When it's dinner we actually tell each other what to eat then buy it. Now, I want to know where you get the idea to eat? Do you just pick any food in the table? For lunch, if you work in the office or go to school, do you follow your friend to decide where to go or what to eat? I really give my deepest appreciation for housewife or mom who cook and prepare food for the family everyday. Do you get the idea from cooking tv show or magazine, or you create your own recipe? Is it hard to think what to serve to your family the next time eat-time come? What do you feel if your child or husband says the taste is not good? Or do you simply prefer order food from restaurant? Share it here^^,,
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@busky5 (3166)
• Thailand
26 Jul 09
Almost meals in my house bought from the food stores.My spouse don't like my cooking.He told it was not dilicious so i will cook every holidays and repeated menu such as soup and omlette.
• Indonesia
27 Jul 09
It's more simple, faster and efficient to buy food from food stores^^,, It's good at least you can cook something..I can't cook very well.. Thanks for your response^^