Haunted hotels in las Vagas

United States
July 25, 2009 7:58am CST
There are some hotels that have been reported as haunted in Las vagas. The Plaza hotel and casino is said to have two spirits. One spirit is a stage hand that committed suicide years ago. They say this ghosts plays pranks on guests and workers. Sometimes things will become misplaced or lights will turn off and on. It is also said that the spirit of hudini is there and some times can be seen. The Flamingo hotel and Casino is said to be haunted by the famous mobster benjamine seigal firmly known as Bugsy. He is seen around the pool or out by a momerial of him out in the Flamingo rose garden. He is also seen in the presidential suite where he stayed when he visited Las Vagas. sometimes you will see him in the wedding chappel. Another hotel that I'd reported as haunted is the Hilton. It is said Elvis is there and has never left the building. The last hotel that is said to be haunted was Ballys. There was a hotel fire and slot of guests died. There is said to be restless souls still haunting the place.
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