Why you believe in GOD initially?

July 25, 2009 8:35am CST
Can anyone tell me, why you believe in God in the first place?Don't just simply tell me that because I was born in a christian family or because my bf & gf is a christian. I want to hear about what is the FIRST evidence that make you think that "GOD is really exist!" ok?
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@adz333 (176)
• India
25 Jul 09
Well,frankly I don't know.Sometimes I think that there is no point in making a pryer to someone and no one is going to listen to me and god is just a myth created by humans.But at the times of desperation,mostly exam hours :D I feel like no choice but to pray to make me pass somehow.It's a actually a weird question.Anywayz happy mylotting.Keep posting.
• Malaysia
25 Jul 09
hi adz333, yup I also have experienced that felling that b4, last time I also think that GOD is just a myth, I think that I can do all the thing by myself no need get help from friends and family and don't ever think about of GOD b4!but who knows now I can see some changes that made by Him on me.