Google Chrome is the fastest browser, what is your opnion about it?

July 25, 2009 10:18am CST
In my sense as am a webpage programmer I can say the best browser is Mozilla firefox, which is good one that we usually browse and safe browser usually we test our programs on this browser, it is coolest from mozilla community,As now google has developed the their broswer google chrome it is much different techonlogy is used in that browser it AJAX technology is used in that browser browser can talk to the server without reloading the page it makes our browsing so faster, more easy also, that mean when we type words on address bar browser suddenly looks for the page, it makes this broswer different from other and another features of this broser is there is incognito window is there on browsing this window is safe it do not store anyinformation about your browsing in your computer so safe for more secured deals, so i recommend to use google chrome.
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• India
27 Jul 09
Yeah you are right chrome is the fastest browser. The best feature that is available in it is whenever we type any address in the address it displays the full address and so there is no need to type the full address. The download speed is like an accelrator