How do people with bad breath kiss their lovers

@mikokre (132)
July 25, 2009 3:01pm CST
I saw a friend of a friend of mine kissing a girl. And believe me this guy has one of the worst bad breath i have ever seen in my life. How do you think somebody with such a bad breath kiss his partner. Come to think of it, how could he keep his partner knowing if the partner knows that kind of breath. Or do you think the partner doesn't perceive it because the love blocks the smell organ. Thats what they say about love right? that it is blind, and it doesn't select.
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• Philippines
27 Jul 09
Perhaps the girl knows the bad breath but does not mind it at all. Perhaps she thinks if she tells her boyfriend, that guy might be embarassed etc, and she does not want to let that guy feel that way; she would rather choose to ease the fowl smelling breath of her boyfriend than have that person offended. Or perhaps, she is just waiting for the right time to finally tell him..... and chose to be kissed. Perhaps she is just so inloved with that guy and choose not to mind the bad breath... Once my boyfriend kissed yet haven't brushed his teeth. He was from a long travel and lost his personal things which included his toothbrush... I was meeting him up from that long travel, and so we kissed! He smelled bad, but I did not mind... But after that, I nicely told him to always make sure to brush his teeth, or have some Listerine always... No brush= no kiss....hehehhe........ Happy mylotting!
• United States
25 Jul 09
Perhaps he has Halitosis, which probably could be treated by a doctor... although breath does depend upon what one eats... but who knows maybe he carries around with him one of those breath spray fresheners. Don't be mean about someones badbreath, but still you shouldn't make them oblivious to the fact.