Neuro linguistic programming

South Africa
July 25, 2009 6:02pm CST
Hi Folks Does anyone have any experience with NLP. I'm looking for ordinary peoples' experince with NLP & not some marketers fables. Please let me know if it is worth the time & effort learning NLP.
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@android (895)
11 Sep 09
It's definitely good to learn but you have to open your mind and don't be skeptical about it. Some of the techniques are awesome, others are not so effective but overall NLP is a great tool that can be utilized extremely effectively. It's basically a form of programming the mind, whether your own or to other people. It's made of completely natural human functions that we perform daily outside of our own conscious awareness and therefore you are already using it, you just don't know yet and once you do you can use it to your advantage. NLP has helped in the past in a major way and it's helped me to overcome no end of problems in my life. It's also great for learning how to communicate with people better, build up trust with people and it can make a big difference to many areas of your life.