secret of dreams

July 26, 2009 2:54am CST
Dreams are actually not explained satisfactorily till now. They tell we dream in the non rapid eye movement state of out sleep.But why we see dreams .why we don't remember most of the dreams we see and is there any relation with the dreams we see and the real world. post your responses
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26 Jul 09
yeah.. the science of dreams have always been a mistery and it is unfortunate that scientists still don't have a clear cut explanation of how and what about DREAMS. Dream is all a magic done by our subconscious mind.. that we see many things that we can't imagine with our conscious brain.. Its unfortunate that we barely remember any of those!.. Its still one of the unravelled misteries.. Lets hope someday the secrets are revealed. Thnx for the good question!
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@rlaknar (616)
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14 Aug 09
Dreams are the collection of information dumped in our brain. We see many things in day-today life but we do not keep everything in mind. We see some scenarios , some shots in the films, imagine something and we keep on doing something. Everything stored in the brain and those are dumped as garbage. These information comes out during sleep and it is like giving a structure to the information. We actually do not see, we are getting an illusion like seeing in dreams. And those are garbage mostly and we let them out of mind and we do not remember the information related to it. So it vanishes from our mind.Some of the dreams stay in our mind and we could remember . The meaning is we recollect the information related to that dream. But still research is going on to find the facts.Let us wait until the day it is going to be revealed. Happy Mylotting.
28 Jul 09
there a lot meaning of dreams theres a real dreams,there a funny dreams, sometimes you have a dream because you are tired. for me me dream there a real meaning especially if ihave a dream in dawn time it will really happen. happy lotting