Why myLot do not allow jokes?

July 26, 2009 4:01am CST
As per the guide lines of don'ts, It is said that: 'Post jokes, recipes etc as discussions,.. this is a form of abuse and will be deleted if started as a discussion' I do agree that Insulting people with jokes in a seious discussions is unfair and should be deleted.. But generally No jokes at all!, What do you think..JOkes within the constrains (of not harming anyones feelings) should be allowed?
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@TheCatLady (4695)
• Israel
26 Jul 09
Jokes aren't discussions. There's not a heck of a lot you can respond to in a joke. They want discussions here. Also most jokes aren't your property. Someone else wrote them and owns the copyright. Posting them without permission is copyright infringement. Humor is very subjective. I find blond jokes funny. I have a friend who is sometimes blond from a bottle. She finds blond jokes insulting.
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• India
26 Jul 09
First time that I'm hearing about Jokes are copyrighted. How can jokes by someones property.. when you search a keyword, jokes corresponding to the keyword appears..? Yeah there are people who take everything as an insult.. But I always look at it in the right sense and try and appreciate his creativity and timing of the joke! Thanx for responding!
• Israel
27 Jul 09
A joke could[b][/b] be copy written. But anyways a joke isn't a discussion and hey want discussions here.
@Sandra1952 (6052)
• Spain
26 Jul 09
Mylot want quality content, and they want posters to think about what they are posting, not just copy something from somewhere else. A joke cannot be made into a discussion, neither can a recipe. If someone posts a recipe for chicken curry, it's just a recipe, and if you have a list of different chicken curry recipes, it's just a list, not a discussion. However, if someone says, under cooking or chicken, that they cannot obtain one of the ingredients for their chicken curry, so could anyone suggest an acceptable substitute, that is a discussion. Hope this clarifies things a little.
@iwinagain (546)
26 Jul 09
Hmmm...strange, they have a humor discussion board here where people post funny stories or jokes to make others laugh. I think they mean jokes that will offend someone personally. I think it's okay to make jokes when it's appropriate and when it's not directed towards someone. We cannot be serious all the time, we need some fun and laughs in our lives.
@chivann (138)
• Cambodia
26 Jul 09
i dont care too much here, i just post whatever i feel it's great. i always post with jokes, but never hurt someone feeling... feel free to drop by at my free games site: www.game4pal.com