Have you ever seen a UFO?

@nelbum (73)
July 26, 2009 4:22am CST
I was looking out my window last night for no apparent reason when my eyes caught this bright star or at least I thought it was. It was so bright that I couldn't take my eyes off it then all of a sudden it moved up slowly for at least about 3 seconds and then stopped then suddenly shot up right through the sky and disappeared completely in space. I waited for it to comeback but it never did. Was it a UFO? An unknown aircraft perhaps? A comet? Maybe it was just a trick of the eye or maybe I'm just hallucinating.
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@SuzyLong (775)
26 Jul 09
When I was 12 my brother was having a party at his house in the country with his youngest son's 1st birthday. He'd hired a bouncy castle so me and my 2 oldest nephews who weren't much kess younger than me, conviced my brother to let us sleep on it. We were so excited about being able to sleep on it that we barely slept. We were looking up at the sky as we could see the stars so clearly and saw one that kept blinking. Then it kept moving in one direction and stopped for a few seconds and then moved in a completely different direction. We were a bit freaked out as we all saw it and went back in the house, we ended up sleeping in the living room.
• China
26 Jul 09
hehe..you are very funny.i haven't seen a UFO. I think it's no UFO.
@chivann (138)
• Cambodia
26 Jul 09
No i've never seen something like that before maybe because i always fall asleep all the time...lol feel free to visit my free games site: www.game4pal.com, thanks