How do you prepare yourself when your boyfriend/girlfriend comes for a visit?

@iskayz (5422)
July 26, 2009 7:41am CST
I don’t know about the others but in my past relationships I don’t like my boyfriend to see me in my pajamas or just right after waking up. I also don’t like him seeing me perspiring cause’ I was cleaning my house. I mean, I do not want him caught me not in my best appearance and the house still messy. As much as possible I like my boyfriend to see me already have taken a bath and neat and with all the house chores and stuffs that I need to do, finished. I don’t have to wear anything fancy but I’d like him to see me already looking fresh when he visits me at home. That’s why in my past relationships I would want my boyfriend calling me first that he’s coming over for a visit, so that I will be prepared. What about you guys? Do you feel the same? Do you tell your boyfriend/girlfriend to inform you first if they're coming? Or is it ok if he/she sees you in your not so delightful appearance?
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