3D Experience, how does it feel?

July 27, 2009 4:00am CST
Hi All, lately there are so many movies that offer the viewers a 3D experience, like Up!, Ice Age 3, and many movies to come...I only watched 3D movie once, which is My Bloody Valentine, the first horror movie using 3D. The movie was totally gruesome even without 3D, and the 3D experience surely add the gruesomeness. The killing seems more real, I certainly feel the blood is splashing to me and when the murderer throw an axe, it looks like it will hit me. But after the show, my eyes become a little bit soar and little dizzy, maybe because the glasses makes some effect to the eyes. Of course watching 3D also charge you a higher admission than the regular one. So, ever watching a 3D movie? Do you like it?
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• Denmark
27 Jul 09
Yes I have, and I like it. It is ALMOST. Really only almost, as you are there yourself. I like those little WOW's effect you get when you feel like someone is in your face. I would love to go watch Ice Age. I love ice age I and II, and I am so looking forward to III. And it is awesome that it is 3D.
• Indonesia
30 Jul 09
Yup, you feel like the events really happened. It's even greater if you watched 4D experience. I heard there's real element happening there. For example there will be wind blowed up to your face or a sprinkle of water coming to you. It's not available for many movies though, usually it offered by amusement park. Thanks for the response!