India's first Nuclear-powered submarine

July 27, 2009 6:56am CST
Hi All, Recently media came up with the news that China is preparing for a war and there may be an attack on our country.But on 26Th July,2009 India launched its 'first nuclear powered submarine' which is being considered as one of the biggest achievement on INDIA. Until now,only 5 other countries has achieved this thing namely: US,Russia,china,Britain,France.This has been built under the programme Advanced Technology Vehicle(ATV). Prime Minister Manmohan Singh inaugurated this event and congratulated all the members of this programme.He said that today's achievement shows that how potential India has in field of technology and development. 26Th July known as Kargil Victory Day has this year also made another history in itself.This move of India definitely shows that India is powerful enough to defend its people and is READY to face any situations.
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