why do you listen...?

@abanerji (1026)
July 27, 2009 9:39am CST
hi mylotters! while listening to someone we have certain things in mind. we listen to ceratin things because we need to understand the concepts and need to comprehend the things. sometimes we listen just because the speaker is an important person or because we are under some dominance of the speaker. sometimes we crarefully listen to raise questions, so as to check the speaker's depth of knowledge. at other times we listen to kick off a positive debate with the speaker and other listeners. finally we just listen to increase our awareness. are there any other reasons for listening??
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@krajibg (11940)
• Guwahati, India
27 Jul 09
Hi sis, When I listen I open all the channels of my ears and let all junk files let in and go for a nap. Later when the hearing is over I go filtering and do listening and all imaginary things are deleted as temporary files and the primary imagination with the filtered data are collected and making a mess of all thing finally a nice resume is made and I feel my listening was perfect and the viruses are also flee.
@andresimp (818)
• India
27 Jul 09
It depends, if the speaker is too boring, i wont listen, my mind would be wandering else where. if it is both informative and interesting i will listen to the speaker. Whatever the speaker has to say, should make his speech interesting.. i listen to get the get the knowledge from others.