Are you afraid of taking airplane?

July 27, 2009 10:42am CST
Honestly speaking, I don't like to take airplane at all, expecially long time trip. However, I have to take it when I travel between my home and Europe, more than 11hours on the plane, feel so exhausted every time. Most of all, I feel that my life is in the control of the God when taking airplane. So before I taking airplane everytime, I will go to the church to pray for peace and light a candle. It seems that the rate of such kind of accidents during recent months is a little high :-(
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@maximax8 (28559)
• United Kingdom
27 Jul 09
I have been on many planes. I have only had one scary trip. On that plane there was much turbulence. I was sick and got severe ear pain. One time I got on a plane in Asia and was handed a newspaper by a member of the cabin crew. The front page showed pictures and story of a concord crash. At the end of 2008 some of the airlines went out of business due to the recession. I booked a the most comprehensive travel insurance I could. I was relieved that the airline I booked with stayed in business. I flew with them from London to Cape Town. In 2009 my favorite airline had an incident that some passengers were hurt. There have been to plane crashes. I will probably still fly on planes because travel is my top hobby. However I don't feel as safe as I used to. I will look into which types of planes an airline I book on flies. Some planes are more reliable than others and regular safety tests should take place.
• Belgium
27 Jul 09
I always care about the types of planes I book. For example I prefer to take boeing 777 than boeing 737. I never take the airplane made in Russia...
@sblossom (2170)
1 Aug 09
Frankly i think i'm afraid to take airplane too. no matter it's long time trip or short trip. to me they have same risks. however in my life i have to take flight often. Before i worked in civil aviation field. so for business trips i did take a lot of flights. now i live in another country. every year i will come back to my own country. I have no choice. i have to take flight. also the long term trip makes me feel very uncomfortable. you are right. it seems the accident rate a little higher in the moment. accoring to the statistics when the economy is bad, the accident happens more. so for us choose reliable airline is very important, even sometimes we need pay a little more for it.
• United States
27 Jul 09
i have never been on a plane but i wanna jump out on one i thought it would be fun my brothers have done it and they had fun so i wanna give it a try as soon as i have the money to do so
• India
27 Jul 09
hey, i agree with you. while i am not completely scared of the flight journey, i do feel when i am in the high skies that if something goes wrong,i just do not have any second alternative to fall back upon. that thought scares me at that time. and yes, the long journeys are quite tedious and frustrating.
@marguicha (100076)
• Chile
27 Jul 09
I love planes! they take you to far away places in such a small time! The only thing I hate now is all the time you have to wait at airports. I think it´s a shame and that something should be done about it.
@submerryn (1304)
• Malaysia
27 Jul 09
Before I had my boy, I travelled quite frequent and I have to admit that I love flying. But recently, there has been too many reports of air accidents that it kind of scare the heck out of me. I have not fly for the past couple of years since I got my little one. Now that I am ready to fly again, the swine flu is here and the accidents are happening to often, I think I'll travel by road for the moment.
@jshekhar (1563)
• India
27 Jul 09
Hello friend, I've taken airplanes a lot of times during the past year and I am totally thrilled and excited each time I get into one[:)] I do not have any phobia of height. My dad would not fly a plane even if you offer him money to do that!I guess different people have different thoughts but I would like to convince you that it is absolutely safe and you would love the flight.