which is more important, book knowledge or experience?

July 27, 2009 10:58am CST
It has been said "Not everything that is learned is contained in books", however, knowledge gained from books has a wider range than that gained from experience. We now live in a world that typophile is no longer exorbitant, and than printed matters are readily available. In libraries, we can learn nearly everything only if we have already acquired basic reading skills, philosophy, history, literature, and the list will go on. Unlike the experience of an individual that is limited by the range of that individual, books seem to have almost no limitation. Sitting in the local library we virtually can travel everywhere through an interesting geogrphic encyclopedia, and certainly, with nearly no expense at all.
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• United States
27 Jul 09
i would say experience. You can learn everything a book tells you but until you apply it to real life events then you really dont know anything