Do you think that you are smarter than your boss?

@icesmile (7172)
July 27, 2009 2:20pm CST
Sometimes people are boss just because they are lucky, or have people who support them, who help them. Your boss is more smarter as you are, or you are sure that you are smarter but you don t have luck to be in his place? I am sure that your boss is not in Mylot, so, you can answer honestly to this question...
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@cwong77 (2011)
• Malaysia
28 Jul 09
icesmile, well, I won't say who is gonna be smarter, however just someone being lucky to be a boss... as a subordinates, we started of learning from our bosses, however we sometimes outsmart them as we still wanted to progress well in our career, however as a boss, they may think that they have reached the top, and just do not really need to keep upgrading intensively like the staff.. see, we seldom see bosses go around for seminars, conferences which they might have left out being updated. If the boss is too much depending on the staff / workers, then one day I am sure he will be outsmarted even with the tea lady!
@marianna45 (1400)
• Romania
27 Jul 09
Hello there, i am exactly as much are smart my boss, because i am my own boss. All my life i hated to have a boss, maybe just because i like to be independent, if i am smart or not, i can make money as i can, so, i don t blame anybody, just myself.This is an advantage i think
• United States
27 Jul 09
In some things we are much smarter than our boss because we may work in a specialized area that the boss does not usually handle or the boss has not handled a particular assignment so the boss does not know all the parts that the worker has had to address. Now being both a worker and a boss in my life, I have seen it from both sides. It is the job of a boss to steer the ship. It is a great responsibility to keep the ship sailing without sinking. The worker has almost no idea the amount of responsibility that is placed on the bosses shoulders in order for him to keep a company going. There are good bosses and bad bosses and there are also good workers and bad workers. Each has their responsibilities and they must work hard in their own area to make a success of a business venture. I have noticed that when workers are even given part of the boss's responsibilities, suddenly the job does not look so good, especially considering the added hours and jobs that that job entails. I do have much more respect for both having done both. Now when I work, I ask God to help my boss do the best job possible and as a boss I ask God to help those working under me and that we would work together as a team. This way everyone wins and it takes my focus off of me and puts it on the team.
@daryljane (3439)
• Philippines
27 Jul 09
Oh yeah! I know im smarter then him. he just happened to be in the right place and in the right time thats why he landed on his position. He is the only team lead that dont have DA that time and the account needs a manager, so he get promoted. But at times when we have conversation or meetings and we ask him question, more often he stammers because he cant justify any of our questions and would then say ill check on it. And mostly our question is about the work, he should know it better. We know it and were just there to give him a hard time.