attempted robbery at my mom's work

United States
July 27, 2009 2:50pm CST
My mom works at a small company & she is there alone most of the time. It isn't in a very good neighborhood either. She actually keeps the door locked most of the time. They have a show room when you walk in the door, then you have to go up about 10 stairs to the office area. My mom heard someone come in the door, so she went to the stairs to greet the man. She said he was sweaty looking. He asked her if they were hiring & she said no. Then he asked to use the phone & again, she said no. Then he said he needed money. She said they don't keep any money there, which is true. He said he left his money in his friend's truck & he really needed to get some money. My mom told him to leave. Then he started like he was going to go up the stairs & my mom said she was going to call the police. The man called her a b!tch & ran out the door. Then people from 2 surrounding businesses came over to see if my mom was ok when they saw the man running from the building. I told my mom that she needs to keep the door there locked all the time. She said they do have some customers that walk in to the office & how could she tell who was suppose to be there for legitimate business & who was there to do harm? Have you ever been robbed while at work?
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@jayrene (2712)
• Philippines
27 Jul 09
that is really scary. good thing you're mom was never hurt. nothing like that has ever happened to me while i was working. although there were some workplace where the neighborhood is not that good, we have not been robbed. i know its hard to look for new jobs now considering the global financial crisis. but i hope your mom will fin a new one, that is the one that is safe for her. what if that guy came back? and cause more trouble? the company should have a guard too, like here in my country a company has always have a guard. at least that would be of help.
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• United States
27 Jul 09
It is a small company & probably having a guard wouldn't be cost effective. I'm sure if this continues to happen they might consider that idea. I know something needs to be done.
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• Canada
29 Jul 09
What a thing to happen. I'm glad she came out alright. I think she should put an intercom out, and people should be buzzed in. That way she can keep the doors locked, and no freaks will wander in BUT people will still be able to come in. Maybe a secret password for customers and employees would be good, too. Then no one could enter under false pretences.