Vick's pit bulls

United States
July 27, 2009 7:31pm CST
I just heard Michael Vick has been reinstated by the NFL and it reminded me of all the pit bulls he had an his Bad News Channel. When this all came down and dogs were taken from Vick's property,PETA wanted all of the pit bulls to be put down! I believe there was over 40 dogs. I was put down beause it was to aggresive. Two or three ended up dying because they were sick. If it wasn't for a judge over riding PETA idea to have all of Vick's pit bulls most of those dogs would not of been rebilatated in foster homes and by pit bull rescue groups! Most of those dogs are rebilatated and in loving homes! I very happy those dogs got a second chance in life! I just wish Michael Vick wasn't getting a second change!
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@twoey68 (13651)
• United States
28 Jul 09
I don't mind that he got released from prison after all he did serve his sentence but I don't like that he's back to playing football. I don't think he should be a role model to anyone let alone kids. I think what he did to those animals was absolutely horrible and I feel like it's being brushed under the rug now. He served his time so it's all good. It's not...he's acting like nothing ever happened. [b]~~AT PEACE WITHIN~~ **STAND STRONG IN YOUR BELIEFS**[/b]
@andit0 (59)
• Canada
28 Jul 09
I would rather not say how I feel about Vick, since I don't usually use that sort of language. It is wonderful that the judge gave those dogs another chance. A rescue called Best Friends Animal Society took in many of the pit bulls. There is a TV show on National Geographic that features this rescue and had an episode devoted to the Vick dogs. Here is their site: