Are you sure...You want to leave this page?

United States
@fwidman (11536)
July 28, 2009 12:59am CST
As monotonous as clicking those PTC ads can be, even more monotonous, and silly, are these windows that pop up (even with pop up blocker turned on)that ask you if you really want to leave their page. I guess they think that if it's good enough for Microsoft, it's good enough for them. Of course, I want to leave the page. That's why I clicked the little box to close the window I mean, if I accidentally close a browser window how hard is it to get it back? I either have that page bookmarked or I can just type control H and look at the history and get it from there. Why do these people amke it so silly to leave their pages? I'm waiting for the day a new box comes up and asks me why I want to leave so I can type in silly things like "Because the voices in my head tell me this site is evil" Do these pop up gizmos bother you? Aren't you thrilled to death that some engineer type person thought them up?