If Mylot was making a TV ad/commercial , who should endorse it?

@tomjoad (551)
July 28, 2009 4:59am CST
Advertisements. Millions of dollars are being invested by companies for advertisements. These ads help consumers decide on which product or service to use. Our lives are surrounded by ads and they are everywhere. A huge billboard on the city streets or a small banner ad that we see in every website that we visit online. These are all advertisements. In my opinion, the most influential advertisements are those that we see on TV. Yes! TV commercials! How many times have you decided to buy something because of what you saw on TV? TV ads need endorsers. They are the ones who tickle our senses in order to get our money. Some people buy a product because the one endorsing it is someone they think they can trust. A Few companies hire celebrities to endorse their commodities. Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Tiger Woods and Manny Pacquio endorses Nike. For other companies they hire commercial models or famous individuals. Some are endorsed by regular people who have benefited from the product. And even for some, the CEO or the owners make their own commercials. Now my question is, if there was to be a TV advertisement or commercial for Mylot, who do you think should endorse it? Should it be an actor, an actress, a famous sports figure, a hot model or just the regular individuals who have found success because of Mylot. Please share you opinions.
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