"I'm Proud to be a Right Wing Extremist..." card

@LiveLove (445)
United States
July 28, 2009 6:52am CST
http://www.libertyaction.org/305/petition.asp I honestly hope that this is a joke. You can request a card to states the subject line and has a number to call consultants if you are "attacked" for your faith. The site mentions the current administration attacking pro-life, second-amendment, pro-veteran individuals in its first paragraph and labeling them as radicals but their "radical" views have "core moral values that made our Nation great!" (I will hold my tongue on that part becuase I know past events well and I wouldn't credit some of those morals as making anything "great"). They have the right to believe what they choose to believe but making a right-wing extremist card? I think I might request one just to see if this is real but I don't want my name on it. SMH. Please tell me your view. If you consider yourself a right wing extremist, then I would really like better explanations because I'm not for discriminating against anyone but I question whether or not the things mentioned on this site is sincere.
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