Do you praise God through bad situations?

@ccdiane (151)
Cheyenne, Wyoming
July 28, 2009 2:00pm CST
This past Sunday, one of our praise leaders stepped forward and gave a mighty testamony that I needed to hear. How the Holy Spirit had his back. I won't be able to share all of the details because of the position he holds at the Air Force base. Our church, has a lot of members who work at the Air Force base. But anyway, he was called into an office to be questioned about his military duties and his career sometime earlier this month. He was telling us how he was being hurt by all that was being said to him. So after words, he contacted his wife and told her of all that had happened. But he said no matter what he was going to praise God through this ordeal. And so it was, him and his wife prayed and still kept praising God. When the following week started he had only 2 excellent reports about his duties as an officer which he was rewarded for and not too many people knew about it. And so he presented these reports to a higher authority than he was, and these officers realized and decided to reinlist him back into the service instead of releiving him of his duties by September. This was indeed God's mighty work. I know I needed to hear this testamony, because of what I am about to face myself very soon. Has anyone else have a testamony of praise? Have you given God the praise when all things seem to be against you? Love to hear from you.
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• Trinidad And Tobago
28 Jul 09
I'm sory I don't have a testimony to share, but you said that you are going to face something difficult soon? When you praise and thank God for all your hardships and difficulties, you give him control over the situation. It makes it easier for you to bear. When you question the reason as to why these dreadful events befall you, then you begin to doubt your faith, which leaves a tiny opening for the devil to appear. Sometimes I hear people who have problems say 'this must be the devil's work'. This is something that you must never say, because many people don't realise the power of words. Hence the reason why most of the people who pity themselves never escape from their misery. What I can say is that I've gotten through every hardship in my life so far because I never ask why me. So never pity yourself, but offer up your difficulties to the Lord and He will take care of the rest.