Ibra- Eto swap?

United States
July 28, 2009 3:20pm CST
Will Ibra bring new zest to barca? Or will Messi still be the messiah? I don't think this swap was good... Ope Eto will not let Inter down
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• India
3 Aug 09
Ibrahimovic might just be the player who can handle the pressure of playing alongside Messi :) But I think Etoo was doing a great job, at least a lot better than Henry, who hasn't scored a lot in the last season. Ibra might make the other goal scorers like Villa, Guiza, Ronaldo,etc sweat because he has the finishing required from a good striker, but Messi will still be the messiah and without him Barca might squirm all they want.
@emmanola (482)
30 Jul 09
As far as I'm concerned Eto'o is a more valuable player than Ibrahimovic. On the basis oa achievement the former is more successful than the latter. Undoubtably the most successful African player in Europe after George Weah is Eto'o. I'm more impressed by the way he has been able to manage his success. Many African players usually fade away after a couple of seasons but Eto'o has been a shining star over the years. I was annoyed by the way Barcelona's coach threw Eto'o out as if he were a liability. I hope the success of last season has not made him more proud. I just don't believe it was wise enough to replace Eto'o with Ibrahimovic. Why then did he went ahead to give up Hleb, another good player in his own right? I don't see how Ibrahimovic can easily fit in into the setting of Barcelona. He will never be the "centre of attraction" as he was in Inter Milan. This will lead to some frustration and unhappiness that may prevent him from fully settling in Barcelona team. Jose Mourinho is surely a better negotiator! He secured the better player and got another good player extra. If Inter won't make use of Hleb, at least the team can earn some money by giving him up on loan to another club.
@gvaisakh (424)
• India
29 Jul 09
Hi to all........ I am a fan of Barcelona football club...... To be honest, I am not completely happy with the deal....... First of all, we lost a great player but we received another great player...... I think the transfer fee is not acceptable to Barcelona fans...... Because both the players are equally talented and Ibrahamovic is younger than Eto'o by only few months........ Also, the inclusion of Alexander Hleb in this deal is not satisfactory......... Barcelona should have taken Hleb as a seperate deal....... I think still Lionel Messi will be the messiah of FC Barcelona........ And also Zlatan Ibrahamovic will produce the same impact as Samuel Eto'o did for Barcelona in the last season......... HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY MYLOTTING!!!!!!!!!!