Too many PTC.. a waste of time or not?

July 28, 2009 8:34pm CST
i read a lot about this so called PTC(Pay to click) and i even try once... then i just realize how much earning can i possibly have... i tried to calculate them and for $.01 for only 4 clickable site will only cost me $1.2 for 1 month.. what else for those who offer $.001 and worst $.0005 those can not even reach $1 a month huh? can u imagine that? browsing those ads site and wait for how many seconds sometimes minutes before u can get ur $.01 or $.001.. even if u have too many of them and spend all ur time clicking those site i dont think $2 or $5 a month is enough for all your effort clicking and waiting to earn a credit.. and trasferring them to paypal and paypal will charge u if u withdraw ur money to ur bank acct if its less than the minimum transferable amount and aside from that, the bank will also charge u for the transaction... so what left for u is how much? come to think of it... ur fingers become heavy and tired clicking those site for $.001... Well, they says that u can earn more if u upgrade to higher level.. come to think of it too.. one site offer $7/ month to upgrade for 10 clickable site and $.02 per click.. if u calculate ur saving for 1 month u will only get $6 from it.. they said u will get many from ur refferals.. well, what if ur refferals will not be interested to click and waste their seconds and minutes or an hour and be tired clicking those site and only earn not even a $1 per day even if u have may of them. does ur $10 will be enough after charges and deduction from paypal and banks for the transactions? is this a waste of time or not?... what do u think?
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@robin17 (60)
• India
1 Aug 09
most of these sites like neobux allows one to rent referrals....... try renting 100 or 200 referrals................ and you will see the difference..............
@mohak123 (104)
• India
29 Jul 09
even i think its a waste of time i have registered in some sites its takes several months to reach the payout and after that the amount you get after deductions is considerably i think its a waste of time.
@Alvals (264)
• Latvia
29 Jul 09
Generally speaking its waste of time. You can earn more only if you have lot of refferals. I have not any until now. Little bit better site is Microworkers. Here you also can clik or write some articles, but for better reward.